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Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on a new assignment, and Claire Redfield, sister of the still-missing S.T.A.R.S. member Chris, arrive at Raccoon City to discover a necropolis. A botched attempt by the Umbrella Corporation to retrieve a devastating mutagenic weapon has resulted in a horrifying viral outbreak, transforming the city's population into the living dead. And all of thLeon Kennedy, a rookie cop on a new assignment, and Claire Redfield, sister of the still-missing S.T.A.R.S. member Chris, arrive at Raccoon City to discover a necropolis. A botched attempt by the Umbrella Corporation to retrieve a devastating mutagenic weapon has resulted in a horrifying viral outbreak, transforming the city's population into the living dead. And all of them are hungry....

Title : City of the Dead
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City of the Dead Reviews

  • Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=)
    2019-02-19 09:53

    IT WAS OKAY. ^_^4 Stars +Even if your not a RE Player you will definitely love the story of this book,The only problem that I had with the book is the author has side stepped the majority of the puzzles that are in the game, BUT it's okay,considering how long will be the book if she write every little thing like in the game.+I literally PLAYED the resident evil 2 so I know how the story goes, I like how Ms. Perry writes her books as if you are actually there with the characters, taking part in the action. I really enjoy the way Ms. Perry develops her characters and describes their feelings and actions. She doesn't make her setting up of the story tedious or too wordy.+I love LEON S. KENNEDY! Urggghhh I thought, He and Claire will be, you know, partners, BUT then all along Ada Wong ruined it, everything! LOL Kidding!+I also admired how Sherry Birkin survived in this story.+Over all I enjoyed reading this book, It was okay, BUT not one of my favorites. I expect more in the next book. :)+Recommended for every one!^_^

  • Will Meeks
    2019-03-03 08:05

    City of the Dead is based on the Resident Evil video game series. In this case, City of Dead is third book, in the series, based on the events of Resident Evil 2. The cool thing about this game is the scenario feature. The game included two discs. One for Leon Kennedy, and one for Claire Redfield. Upon completion, with each character, Scenario B is unlocked. While you played the main game as Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield was doing her thing. While you played the main game as Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy was doing his thing. Reason I wanted to point that out is the fact that this book is based heavily on Leon's scenario, and Claire's Scenario B. Shortly after the events of RE 1/Umbrella Conspiracy, and Caliban Cove, the infection of the T Virus has spread into the heart of Raccoon City. Most of population has been turned into zombies. Leon Kennedy, a rookie transfer to the Raccoon Police Department, and Chris Redfield's sister Claire arrive in Raccoon City. Leon and Claire must try to find a way to get out of Raccoon City, seeking shelter inside the Raccoon City Police Department. In time, they realize even that place isn't safe. Along the way Leon encounters the mysterious Ada Wong and Annette Birkin, mother of Sherry Birkin and wife to William Birkin. William Birkin first made an appearance in RE Zero/Zero Hour. William Birkin is the main antagonist of the Re 2/City of The Dead, having injected himself with the G Virus. After being split up from Leon, Claire finds a back way into the Raccoon City Police Department. She encounters Sherry Birkin, informing her that her mother Annnette Birkin told her to go there. Now Claire would not only be dealing with protecting Sherry, but also the menacing Mr. X. Mr. X is revealed to be a Tyrant. The Tyrant makes it's first appearance in Re 1/Umbrella Conspiracy, and as a prototype in RE Zero/Zero Hour. It wears a trench coat and is very hard to kill. Leon, with the aid of the mysterious woman Ada Wong, defeats William Birkin after he fully evolves. Though Ada dies in order to protect Leon, after confessing her love for him and that she was a spy who worked for the same corporation that Albert Wesker worked for. Claire Redfield was able to defeat Mr. X, as well as save Sherry. When I first read City of the Dead, I had only played Scenario A for both Claire and Leon. So of course I was rather clueless when Claire's Scenario B story was included in City of the Dead. The reason why you see five stars, instead of four, is because the author did a fantastic job of putting Claire's Scenario B into written form. They took some liberties with the weapons though. In the beginning, Claire and Leon are only armed with a 9mm Beretta. As the game progresses, they each get better weapons. Leon eventually gets a Desert Eagle 50 AE Magnum, which can be customized if the parts are found later on in the game. In the book, Leon starts off with a 9mm Beretta and an already customized Desert Eagle 50 AE. In the game, the customized form allows Leon to line up multiple zombie head shots, while the book lessons the damage to just mainly being a regular one hit zombie dropping weapon. For those who have played the game, they can get some references. Paying homage to the game, is the police locker room where all the ammo and such can be found. In Scenario A, one locker holds two items. Extra ammo, or a sub machine gun. If you picked the gun in Scenario A, the other character would be able to collect the extra ammo in Scenario B. In the book, however, Claire receives the sub machine gun near the end to kill Mr. X.The game ended with Leon, Claire, and Sherry leaving Raccoon City. In the future installment, RE 3, they are interviewed by members of the US Government where Sherry is then taken into protective custody. In City of the Dead, they walk for a few miles before being picked up by people in a van. It was Rebecca Chambers and the rest of her team from Caliban Cove, leading to the eventual tie in for fourth book Underworld. Sherry, at this point int he book, is instead taken to a family relative due to the fact that Claire and Leon will be getting into more danger on down the road during Underworld.

  • Joshua Brown
    2019-03-04 11:07

    This book was my favorite out of the series so far. In this book it doesn't suspend the zombies until later in the book instead it puts them basically right at the start, Because they did that it made the book have more action then the rest. The setting of the book is in the town of raccoon when the zombie outbreak happened. The thing that i liked most in this book was the mutated Mr.Berk he was basically like a boss in a video game. This book is fictional horror, overall I have enjoined this book and I would recommend this book to horror fans.

  • Xime García
    2019-02-26 12:05

    Al principio no le tenía demasiada confianza al libro. Me parecía que los personajes no iban a estar bien delineados y que se perdería un poco de la esencia del juego... pero conforme avanza la historia los personajes van adquiriendo la personalidad conocida. Leon es altruista y buen policía, Claire es valiente y conoce sus prioridades, Ada sabe muy bien lo que quiere y Sherry... Sherry solo sabe que es pequeña pero que no es tonta. Me pareció que el libro daba más prioridad a los pensamientos internos de los personajes que a la acción. De hecho dedica páginas y páginas a planteos mentales, sobretodo los de Annette Birkin. Cuando llega el momento de actuar, la escena de acción pasa rápido y sin pena ni gloria. También me pareció que todo el tema de William Birkin fue tomado muy a la ligera, y que una vez en el final la historia fue acelerada para que terminase y listo. Ada, me dio la sensación, era más sentimental que en otras apariciones que tiene. Quizá se debe a que es joven y que también es su primera aparición, quizá su personalidad fría y maquiavélica no estaba pensada del todo. Lo mejor del libro, Sherry. Es realmente el personaje que conquista.Lo peor del libro, las escenas de acción. Ligeras y confusas. La FRASE del libro: Un insulto que Claire le tira a un zombie potenciado: "miserable monstruosidad sin sesos". Ok. Estuviste genial, Claire. (Entre lo que tarda en decirlo el Tirano ya la mató más o menos ajajjaj)Ah. (view spoiler)[ADA Y LEON NO SE BESAN. ME REHÚSO. (hide spoiler)]P.D.: Sigo sin saber quién es Trent.P.D.2: QUÉ onda el cocodrilo["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • David
    2019-03-14 13:53

    Novelizations of my favorite videogames are a pleasure of mine, and not a guilty one. Sometimes I want to experience a virtual setting or story again without the rigmarole of configuring graphics options, tweaking controls, and (as is the case with the PlayStation 1-era Resident Evil series) remember how poor the the graphics have aged.SD Perry's Resident Evils novels are excellent, and CITY OF THE DEAD is perhaps my favorite. It follows the events of Resident Evil 2, my second-favorite entry in the classic (pre-RE4) games. Perry does a wonderful job breaking down and condensing events so that the book reads like a story and not a strategy guide. Supplies are scarce for the characters in the book, just like in the games, and environments are appropriately shadowy and blood soaked--the perfect ingredients for a horror novel.Perry also breathes life into ancillary characters such as Ada, Sherry, and Chief Irons. On the flip side, though, sections focusing on the supporting cast tend to be loaded with exposition that slows down the pace to a zombie-like shuffle. The good outweighs the bad in these cases, however; shedding light on Ada was especially fun, as she has long been a fan favorite in the series.Although some chapters could use some pruning, CITY OF THE DEAD remains an excellent horror story. Even readers unfamiliar with Resident Evil lore will have a good time, though they should start with the first book in the series, RESIDENT EVIL 0.

  • AndrewP
    2019-03-01 09:06

    Not bad, follows the plot line of the video games and covers the events shortly after Raccoon City is more or less wiped out by the escaping T-Virus. Introduces the new characters, Leon, Claire Redfield and Ada Wong. Leaves a couple of puzzling questions towards the end, but that's always the case when you are planning for a sequel. A bit longer than the first 2 books in this series, but still an easy weekend read.

  • Gonzalo Morales
    2019-02-24 06:49

    Este nuevo capítulo de la Saga continúa tras los sucesos acontecidos en la mansión de Spencer (La conspiración de Umbrella), pero con nuevos protagonistas: Leon Kennedy (joven novato policía) y Claire Redfield (hermana de uno de los protagonistas, Chris, de la aventura anterior mencionada).Personalmente, este es el libro más emocionante y con más carisma hasta la fecha. Sin duda alguna, acompaña el cariño que en su día disfruté del videojuego, uno de los más queridos entre los fans.La historia es desarrollada, en gran medida, por estos dos personajes, pero aparecerán secundarios de gran nivel, algunos incluso rallando altas cuotas de protagonismo (Ada Wong o Sherry Birkin).La novela es la más dinámica de todas las anteriores, un punto diferente es que no se centran en los acertijos, salvo en contadas ocasiones. Nos encontramos con más zombies, monstruo y creaciones imposibles dando un mayor reto pero sin llegar a exagerar la realidad. Algo que también transmite es la falta de munición y el agobio constante antes las situaciones adversas.Respecto con el videojuego, la historia se amplia ampliamente, mucho mayor que sus homónimos y en el caso de no haberlo jugado, la historia se disfruta igualmente.Gran capitulo que me ha hecho disfrutar de principio a fin y mejorando la fórmula hasta ahora.

  • Kristin
    2019-03-16 08:00

    It was okay.I'm not sure what it was...but there was just something about this that couldn't hold my interest, I kept putting it aside to come back to later. Wash, rinse, repeat, and here I am months later after finally finishing it.The writing felt a little...bland. I understand from other reviewers (unfortunately, I got into the games too late to play RE2) that some of the embellishments from the last books were wrangled in some (which were a bit much in the last two). So maybe that's some of the problem? The book read sort of like a guide book without the puzzle answers. Just repeating/summarizing actions and dialogue from ye olde "cut scenes".I don't know...maybe it's just me. But I did finish it (finally) so it deserves at least two stars, even if it took me almost a year to read to the end.

  • Anto Tilio
    2019-02-20 08:13

    Por fin lo terminé!Empecé el mes re chota para leer. Quizás por eso no disfruté tanto del libro como lo hubiera hecho en otro momento.Aunque la autora sigue haciendo un muy buen trabajo para contarte la historia y hacerte sentir que estás jugando el juego y ponerte ansioso con todas las pesadillas que andan sueltas en Raccoon City por culpa de Umbrella.Me encanta tener un trasfondo para los personajes, llegar a conocerlos un poquito más y agarrarles más cariño porque tienen un poco más de personalidad que en el juego. Y me gusta cómo reparte la acción y divide la historia para los dos protagonistas.Y obvio que me dieron ganas de jugar a los juegos y terminé Resident Evil cero hace unos días :D

  • Leonardo Cruz
    2019-02-17 06:49

    ScaryA worthy adaptation of the second Resident Evil game in this series. This book featured a lot more death and terror than the first two books. Give it a read.

  • Douglas
    2019-03-19 10:58

    [3.5/5] I wish we had half stars on Goodreads because this is really a 3.5/5. Giving it a clean 3 seems more harsh than intended. It really wasn't bad. Not a 4, but not a 3.

  • Waleed
    2019-03-13 13:00

    Good Overall it is a good book,the only problem I think is that it didn't exactly followed the game cabin story.

  • Joshua {One for All Love, All Love for One}
    2019-03-04 06:02

    4.5, great video game tie-in novel.

  • Alicia Margarita
    2019-02-19 10:15

    It doesn't follow the cannon story, but it was enjoyable.

  • Dylan
    2019-03-18 08:53

    This is a short, general review for the first 3 books of S.D. Perry’s Resident Evil novel adaptations. I will keep the review relatively basic and broad because, well, it’s three different books, and thus would result in quite a long review if I went into detail on each one. Book 1: The Umbrella Conspiracy – 4/5Book 2: Caliban Cove – 2/5Book 3: City of the Dead – 4/5Ok, so first of all, I wanted to mention how glad it made me to see that book 3 came back and struck strong. Book 2 was a terrible disappointment after the series’ amazing start with The Umbrella Conspiracy, which stands as my favourite out of the first three. The reasons that make book one my favourite is the “newness” of the zombies to the characters involved. I found it more interesting to see how the characters acted when it was their first encounter with the T-Virus and they never really knew what was going on. Another reason is the inclusion of Mr. Albert Wesker. The dude is totally awesome.Sort of out of order, but I will go from mentioning what I liked most about book 1 to what I like generally about the series so far. First, of course, are the characters. Now, I was already familiar with the characters due to the various movies and games, but I thought the characters were really written well and matched up with how they were perceived in both of the other types of media. They were not really all that “deep” and were predictable at times, but that’s alright. Point is, they weren’t boring and completely shallow like some characters end up being in books. The dialogue wasn’t great, but it was solid enough to not screw up the story. Speaking of the story, that’s part two. The author did a great job at gathering the story and stayed very true to the games, which is great. Lastly, the descriptions are great. Some people don’t like too much description, but I’ve never had a problem with that. The more the merrier, being a fan of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, which is as descriptive as it gets. I’m not saying that it’s as descriptive as him, because it’s obviously not, but it does the descriptions very well. In particular, I loved how well the G-Virus monsters. Awesome.Now, with that out of the way, book 2 was pretty bad. I’m blanking out, for some reason, on exactly why it did, but it did. The story was, for the most part, uninteresting, and I didn’t find myself connecting to Rebecca or the others in the book. That was odd, since I enjoyed Rebecca just fine in the first book. Something just… changed. I had a hard time really “imagining” the setting, and some parts were just “I thought these people were professionals, why did they just do that?” A great example would be (view spoiler)[the girl (her name is escaping me. Like I mentioned, blanking of the mind) touched the blood with her finger, then proceeded to wipe her eye with the same finger. Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Ugh, women… (joking) (hide spoiler)]Book 3 was close to book 1, but, mentioned earlier, I liked book one better. One thing I really liked was how it mentioned how unsuitable Ada’s clothes were, because well, they are. Most of the elements that made book 1 strong came back in full strength in book 3. I loved the characters and how they were portrayed, and the monsters were frightening, like they should be. A lot of the scenes, particularly the ones with the monsters, were very predictable. Now, maybe that would be from my previous experience with Resident Evil, but I hardly remember much except the very basic points of the main storyline of the games I’ve played, other than Resident Evil 5, which is the most recent one I’ve played. And, of course, the movies, which I still enjoy, hardly follow the games; the most glaring example of this is Alice, who obviously was not in the games. Even so, I really enjoyed the book.Well, that’s it so far. As for recommendations, I would recommend these books to mainly fans of Resident Evil, particularly the games, but the movie watchers would probably still enjoy them. As for non-RE fans, I’d still recommend it, although the 2nd book would likely be even worse in their eyes and end up unfinished or finished, but then causing them to have to real urge to move on with the series. Regardless, the first book alone would be worth reading, even if the rest of the series is not continued.

  • Brian
    2019-02-26 07:56

    It was pretty much a guarantee that I would enjoy this book, because it is based on the videogame "Resident Evil 2", which is my favorite of the Resident Evil game series, and was the first one I ever played. Resident Evil 2 was also (as far as I can remember) my first exposure to zombies. I was terrified after I first played it. I was nine years old at the time, and I remember the night I played it, I was laying in bed later on gripped with fear that zombies (particularly the ones that were on fire) would somehow find their way in my bedroom. Anyway, I enjoyed the book a lot, and one reason is that it's the closest thing to a movie that does the game justice. I've watched and enjoyed some of the RE movies, but in my opinion, they aren't as good as the actual storyline of the games. I like how these books mostly conform to the way it went in the game, but at the same time more dialogue and emotion is added in places, and it gives the story much more depth than the games give. I'm a big fan of Leon and Claire, I guess because they were the first RE protagonists I got to know. I've wished several times that more games would feature those two teaming up again. They make a great team in my opinion, and the only problem I have with this book is that Leon and Claire spend such a large amount of time separated from each other. True, that's the way it happened in the game, but in the book I was hoping there would be more dialogue and relationship-building between the two characters. Moving on, and just to warn, there may be bits of spoiler material ahead in case you don't already know the story (but I know that most people who have an interest in these books have already played the games). I won't drag this out, because it seems unneccesary. But one thing I must touch on is poor Leon's puppy-like fascination with Ada Wong. This annoys me in the games, but I found it even more annoying in the book. A great portion of the book, Leon is chasing after Ada, who is shady from the beginning. But she has a pretty face, a nice smile, and a smooth voice, and soon Leon is captured and led down a hellish, monster-riddled road. Leon starts out concerned with the safety of all possible survivors he might come across, determined to do a good job as a police officer and protector of the people. But at some point, he seems to lose sight of this, and the whole mission in time revolves around Ada, who is clearly lying at every turn. At the end of it all, Leon is shot, bruised and battered, stumbling and barely able to walk straight, and for what? What was accomplished for following Ada around? One good thing is that Ada finally had a change of heart near the end of the story, and seemed to genuinely care for Leon's well-being. There is an awesome scene in the game where a special team of Umbrella soldiers are sent in to take the G-Virus from William Birkin. I was really hoping that somehow that scene would be written in, but alas, it was not. I like the fact that Sherry's character was more defined. In the game, she's just a little girl running from danger, but reading the book gave her a personality, and that always brings out the shine in characters. I enjoyed her description of the "lickers": "Inside-out men". I had forgotten about the part at the end where Claire is fighting Mr. X beside the train, and the mystery woman throws her the weapon. Like I said at the beginning, I really enjoyed this book and reading it brought back feelings of nostalgia and general awesomeness.

  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    2019-03-09 10:58

    This is a Reading Good Books review.When I hear “city of the dead”, I either think about the Green Day song Jesus of Suburbia or Resident Evil‘s Raccoon City, arguably the most famous zombie-infested city in pop culture. This time, it’s the city I’m talking about.Notice that this is the 3rd book in the RE novelization series. I skipped the second one, Caliban Cove, because I just cannot wait to read about my favorite game in the franchise, Resident Evil 2. I’ll eventually get to that second one but now it’s all about Leon and Claire, my favorite video game couple.It closely follows what looks like the “Scenario 1 as Leon / Scenario 2 as Claire” configuration. When I played it, I did it the other way around. Although I’m not quite sure. I recently finished watching a Let’s Play of RE2 and Leon didn’t get to meet Marvin when he was Scenario 2 so I figured… eh, anyway. Leon S. Kennedy’s first day as a rookie cop for RPD turns out to be a start to a nightmare. Claire Redfield, hasn’t heard from her brother, Chris (from the first book/game), in a while so she decided to go to Raccoon City to look for him. What she encounters there is anything but a happy reunion. The city was overrun by the undead.I love how the author was able to do justice to the game. It followed each turn as closely as possible. As a huge fan of the game, I appreciated that she didn’t skip anything important. Actually, I don’t think she skipped anything. The item pick-ups maybe, but all the cut scenes were there. I loved Sherry’s portrayal. Whenever it’s her POV, the writing shifts into somewhat a kid voice. The author added insight to Sherry that was missing in the games. I loved those parts where she thought about her parents, about hiding alone, about Claire. The romantic potential between Ada and Leon was downplayed a bit in favor of the action. Again, it’s no walkthrough but it’s pretty faithful to the original game.As with the previous one, there are very interesting ways to acquire extra ammo. How I wish they showed the usage of herbs and the ink ribbon. The journey through the RPD station was easy to follow and very exciting.Fans of the game and franchise will be surprised that even though you – we – are familiar with the games, there are still things in this book that will surprise. I personally like the inner conversations the characters have with themselves as well as the author’s overall interpretation. And even if you’re not familiar with the game, you can still come along for the ride. It’s thrilling and scary and very exciting.Rating: 4/5.Recommendation: An easy read for survival horror fans. Not to mention, Leon S. Kennedy fangirls.

  • Robert Beveridge
    2019-02-28 14:03

    S. D. Perry, Resident Evil: City of the Dead (Pocket, 1999)After a quick diversion into an original novel (Caliban Cove), Perry gets back to the actual game sequence with City of the Dead, a novelization of the game Resident Evil 2, which has always been my favorite of the series. We get a quick intro about the remaining S.T.A.R.S., including Jill Valentine (back from her adventures at Caliban Cove) and Chris Redfield, getting out of town while being hunted by the Umbrella Corporation, and then it's right into the game. Chris Redfield's sister, university student Claire Redfield, has come to Raccoon city looking for her missing brother, while Leon Kennedy, just hired by the Raccoon City Police Department, drives into town for his first day on the job. Both of them, when they get to town, find it oddly deserted. Until, that is, they run into the living dead. After running into one another, Leon tells Claire to meet him at the police station, most likely the safest place in town. “Safe”, however, is a relative term, as the station is not only crawling with zombies (and other, nastier beasts), but inhabited by survivors who may be interested in things other than survival...What really interests me about this series, which is obviously intended for the YA audience, is that Perry is not at all afraid to tackle themes that might give adult novelists pause. (Telling you what they are would definitely be getting into spoiler territory, so I'll let you find out for yourself; let's just say that Alice Cooper would not feel out of place in Raccoon City, as envisioned by Stephani Perry.) I say “interests” rather than “impresses” because it feels a little unsettling, at least from the perspective of a forty-year-old reading these (I'm sure, had these been available when I was fifteen, I would have found them awesome. And not just because of the zombies). As well, Perry, prolific novelist that she is, is far more interested in telling a story than she is in working language, and so as far as the writing goes, what you have here is a pretty standard survival-horror novel, without a great deal to distinguish it from, say, Dan Brown with zombies. Before you say “well, that's normal”, I'd like to point out that there have been literary zombie novels (or, at least, more literary than the rest of the canon); after all, a love of language can come through no matter what your genre. Heck, there's literary porn. Literary zombies should be a breeze. (If you don't believe me, check out the film Pontypool, which is that conceit taken to its most absurd, and wonderful, conclusion.) Still, if you're a fan of the game series, you're going to like the novelizations. ***

  • Roxane
    2019-02-26 08:59

    En ce qui concerne ce livre, il est la suite du tome 1. Il est l’adaptation du jeu vidéo Resident Evil 2.Ici, nous suivons Claire Redfield, qui arrive à Raccoon City pour rechercher son frère Chris dont elle n’a plus de nouvelles. Elle va croiser le chemin de Leon S. Kennedy, jeune policier, qui commence son premier jour de travail au sein de la police de Raccoon City. Leurs chemin vont se croiser et ils vont devoir tenter de survivre dans cette ville à présent infestée de zombies et leur route va croiser celle d’autres personnages bien connus des fans du jeu vidéo.Les personnages sont bien entendu les mêmes que ans le jeu vidéo Resident Evil 2. On retrouve donc Claire Redfield que j’aime beaucoup, qui s’avère être une jeune femme forte et protectrice envers l’un des personnages, malgré sa peur. Ensuite, on retrouve Sherry Birkin, une petite fille de 12 ans qui a peur d’un monstre qui selon elle est pire que les zombies. J’ai vraiment beaucoup aimé son personnage. Le troisième personnage que l’on retrouve est la mystérieuse Ada Wong, que j’aime beaucoup aussi, principalement car c’est le personnage féminin le plus mystérieux. Et finalement, j’ai gardé le meilleur pour la fin : on retrouve Leon S. Kennedy. En effet, Leon est mon personnage préféré dans les jeux vidéo (je n’y ai joué qu’à partir de Resident Evil 4), alors c’est un immense plaisir de l’avoir retrouvé dans les livres qui retracent les tout premiers jeux. Il est donc encore bien jeune (21 ans) et à encore une part d’innocence, qu’il perds dans les autres opus. Mais il évolue déjà beaucoup, dans ce tome-ci. Il est également courageux et fort, il n’hésite pas non plus à sauver la vie des autres avant la sienne. Et pour finir j’adore son humour et ses sarcasmes. Je comprends pourquoi toutes les femmes qu’il rencontre dans Resident Evil craquent pour lui ! Voilà tous les aspects de la personnalité de Leon qui m’ont plus dans ce livre.La narration est toujours identique à celle des précédents tomes, et ce genre de narration me plaît toujours autant, car cela permet entre autre de savoir ce que pensent vraiment les personnages dans telle situation, malgré la narration à la troisième personne.La cité des morts est donc mon préféré de la saga, jusqu’ici. J’avoue que cela est dû aux personnages, mais surtout à Leon. Ce fut également un plaisir de découvrir ce jeu par l’intermédiaire du livre et donc de faire en sorte que certains éléments des jeux auxquels j’ai joué par la suite deviennent un peu plus clair.

  • Stacie
    2019-03-16 08:01

    Baby, I've got a weakness and that weakness is video games. I'd say that tie-in novels based on the games I love are a guilty pleasure, but should we feel guilty about said pleasures? SHOULD WE?Actually, maybe I do...because should I tell someone I'm reading a Resident Evil novel, I feel the need to quickly follow it up with "But like, I'm reading Murakami too, I swear."But hey, this ain't about my hangups, this is about City of the Dead, the third book in the series of novels based on Capcom's seminal zombie-laden survival horror video games.City of the Dead is an adaptation of Resident Evil 2, wherein rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield in a desperate fight for their lives as they try to escape Raccoon City, which, thanks to Umbrella Corporation's TOTALLY EVIL bioweapon experimentation, is in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. And also a giant man-eating plantpocalypse. And also a what-is-that-gross-thingpocalypse. Point being, Raccoon City has gone to h-e-double hockey sticks.Author S.D. Perry does an admirable job wrangling the game's labyrinthine plotlines into one comprehensive story, touching on most of the major points while playing down the puzzle-solving elements. All of the requisite characters and creatures are in attendance, and any fans of the game will likely be pleased by Perry's faithfulness to the source material.And yet it's all a fairly plodding affair, more workmanlike than actual fun...and man, this is a book you want to be fun with a capital purple prose and cheesy dialogue. Or I dunno, maybe that's just me. What I guess I'm trying to say is, I can truly appreciate an "airport novel" for what it is. Believe me, I enjoy the crap out of 'em and I sure don't read 'em ironically. City of the Dead should have felt like an airport novel, but the pace wasn't nearly fast enough, the descriptions- from the ordinary to the gore-dinary- weren't nearly lurid enough, and the cast was a bit of a bore.Mind you, I'm itching to get to the next book in the series. I'm not sure if that says more about me than it does about City of the Dead, but there you go.

  • Avery
    2019-02-20 06:51

    Personal Response: The book "Resident Evil: City of the Dead" was much better than the book "Resident Evil: Caliban Cove". The book provided more action and more story. Even though the Characters are much different and the town is the same as the one from the last book.Plot Summary: The book started out with a man named Leon on his first day to the police station as a cop. He noticed some very strange things happening on his way to work. He was in his squad car and there were fleshy looking dogs that crossed the street in front of his car. It was still dark out since it was early in the morning, so he didn't notice anything wrong with the dogs. He soon later in the next chapter ran into a woman named Claire who is a sister of a Chris, a main character in ¨Resident Evil: Caliban Cove¨. Leon saved her from a group of zombies that they called "Cannibal Murderers". Claire and Leon then became very close friends throughout the book, watching each others back like a pack of lions. Claire's entire story is to find her friend Sherry and protect her. Leon's story is to stay alive. A new character soon to be ran into by Leon after Leon and Claire got in a crash and had to split up was a spy named Ada Wong. Ada Wong's story is to get the G-Virus for a company that is trying to expose Umbrella for their world domination crime. In this book compared to the others, the G-Virus introduces more mutated and less zombie like creatures like the dead Giant, and Smaller Baby like zombies. Toward the end of the book Claire had to fight what was known as Mr. X. A giant zombie that knows more than other zombie creatures. She was given the opportunity to fight. She took that opportunity and won.Recommendations: I give this book a 4 and i think it truly deserves a 4. I would also like to recommend this book to anyone that is a big fan of either the video games "Resident Evil" or the movies "Resident Evil".

  • Gina Lamm
    2019-03-03 14:09

    This book is pretty good and has one of my favorite characters, Leon S. Kennedy. It's not good as the first book, but still good. It's about a rookie cop, Leon, and a former S.T.A.R.S. member, Claire Redfield. Claire is trying to find her brother in an invested Raccoon City which is full of zombies. She was saved by Leon from a zombie. Leon told her that its too dangerous walking around Raccoon City and took her to the police station. They got split up by an explosion. Leon tried to find survivors as Claire head towards the police station and wait for Leon there. Claire or Leon found out that the city was going to be nuked in two hours. Claire encounters a maniac and some zombies along the way. She also encountered a little girl named Sherry Birkin who was waiting for her mom. Both of her parents are scientists. Her dad had mutated from the virus and her mom is still alive. Leon encountered a woman named Ada Wong. Ada was searching for her boyfriend, John. Claire found out that her brother escaped the city and she went to look for Leon, taking Sherry with her. Claire encountered a monster called Mr. X who was trying to kill Sherry because she has the anti-virus within her pendent. Leon found Sherry's mom and I think she paniced and was trying to shoot Ada, but Leon took the bullet. Her mom ran off and Ada ran after, leaving Leon behind. Claire and Sherry were chased by Mr. X, but Claire threw Sherry's pendent into the lava river and Mr. X chased after it. Ada chased Sherry's mom on the floor which is above 100ft in a labratory. Her mom shot Ada and both of them fell over the railing as the labratory shooked. Leon caught Ada just in time. Ada told him to let her go and she let go of Leon. Leon ran off and found Claire and Sherry at a train that can lead them out of the city. They aboard the train and Mr. X got on as well who is still alive! Claire killed him with a machine gun and they left the city in the nick of time.

  • Felipe Guerrero
    2019-03-01 14:04

    Finalmente, después de mucho, muchísimo tiempo pude leer este libro y la verdad... me trajo muchos recuerdos.El libro me pareció excelente, es una buena novelización del grandioso Resident Evil 2 (que por cierto es mi favorito de la serie) aunque hubo algunas cosas que me llamaron mucho la atención; cambios en algunos detalles que francamente no entiendo.Por ejemplo, desde el principio Ada Wong ya había resuelto todos los acertijos de la estación de policía, para el momento en que Leon se encuentra con ella ya todas las puertas estaban abiertas, no tuvo que buscar ninguna llave ni nada, Claire tampoco tuvo que resolver ninguno de los acertijos de las gemas ni piedras ni nada.Algunos enemigos ni se mencionaron tampoco, por ejemplo las plantas humanoides que aparecen en los laboratorios de Umbrella, casi al final del juego, ni tampoco se menciona a la polilla gigante. Ademas el libro es una mezcla entre LeonA/ClaireB y ClaireA-LeonB y no solo una de estas variantes (si no jugaste RE2 este era el orden en que podías jugar primero Leon o primero Claire y la diferencia basica eran los enemigos a los que te enfrentabas y algunos sucesos).Por ultimo (y esto si que no lo entiendo) el final es diferente, en el juego te enfrentabas a la ultima transformación de Birkin en el ultimo vagón del tren en el que escapan Leon, Claire y Sherry y después de derrotarlo empezaba un video en el que Birkin volvía para un segundo round y finalmente moría al explotar junto con el tren. En el libro omitieron esa ultima parte (WTF!?) en el libro todo termina la primera vez que derrotar a Birking en el ultimo vagón del tren y queda disuelto en un charco de carne licuada e inmundicia echada a perder.Pero haciendo a un lado eso, el libro es bastante bueno.

  • John Bonilla
    2019-02-24 09:48

    Apenas alcanzó las 4 estrellas, se merecía 3 pero solo por ser Resident y porque Birkin hace que me cague del miedo alcanzó las 4.¿Qué puedo decir de este libro? Le hizo falta muchas cosas y le sobraron otras cuantas.Fue demasiado detallista al momento de presentar cada personaje, como introducía a sus pensamientos, que es lo que sentía milímetro a milímetro. Llegó un momento en el que me aburrió de leer tanto como son psicológicamente, sólo faltaba que describieran la infancia de cada uno de ellos.Otra desventaja que tuvo fue en un sólo capítulo presentaban muchos personajes con sus historias que al parecer eran aisladas, pero iban entrelazándose mientras avanzaba el libro, pero el corte de historia de estos era tan abrupto que se perdía el hilo. Por ejemplo, la historia del Irons, siento que sólo sirvió para presentar el poder destructivo de William, o igual parte de la historia de Annette, aparte que te metían la historia de Leon, Ada, Claire, Sherry, ..., era un poco extenuante tener que recordar que es lo que hacía cada uno ya que de por si en el juego son caminos separados, en el libro esta peor, pero tienes que relacionar lo que hizo Claire para saber porque le pasan algunas cosas a Leon o a dónde va Ada y porque le pasan cosas a Leon... estúpido Leon.Otra cosa que no me gustó mucho fue que con el libro le quitan la actitud de chica mala a Ada, la hacen ver como una princesa que se enamora de un rubio de ojos azules que se cruza en su camino... que aburrido, hicieron que perdiera las esperanzas en Ada Wong.Igual le hizo falta mas suspenso como en el libro 1, más intriga, simplemente se quedó corto a comparación de su antecesor y eso que es uno de los mejores juegos.

  • Anna
    2019-03-05 08:55

    A novelisation of the game Resident Evil 2 and unlike the first two, The Umbrella Conspiracy and Caliban Cove, the author decided to do away with following too closely with the game mechanics in the first book with the in-game puzzles and reined in the creative liberties she took with the second book.The story follows closely with the events from the game, missing a few unimportant points here and there that were unnecessary in driving the plot further. The tricky part was to write from the four protagonist's point of view and have the overarching storyline still make sense. The chapters skip from character to character, usually with them fighting their own internal demons and berating themselves for their actions or cursing their situation.The story path that the author decide to write is the Leon A and Claire B scenario with Leon Kennedy fighting William Birkin and Claire Redfield fighting the T-01 tyrant.Despite the author trying her best to represent the game in the book, I still felt that this book is best enjoyed by existing players of the game as for a newcomer to the Resident Evil series, this book does the story no justice.I think it would have worked better if the novel was written as a tribute to the game and if the author threw in some well-known game quotes in the dialogue as she did in the first book, sort of a cheeky nod to the existing fans. In that sense, she missed the opportunity and wrote the characters to be insecure and somewhat whiny, which was a turn-off for me as I feel that if I didn't already love the characters from the game, I would have not cared about them in the book.

  • Alexander Seifert
    2019-02-17 05:56

    This is my favorite of the SD Perry books. I understand that part of that is simply because I loved Resident Evil 2 so much, but it also has to deal with the fact that this book is a great adaptation. Every viewpoint character gets some development over the course of the novel, which is something you can't say about previous novels. Perry does a good job giving all the characters adequate attention, including a glimpse into the broken, messed-up mind of Chief Brian Irons, which the games only barely scratch the surface of.Honestly, I don't have much to complain about, although I would have loved the book to be about a hundred pages longer. I feel like she started to scramble near the end of the novel, especially once the action shifted from the Raccoon Police Department building into the sewers below. At that point, action and events started to sprint ahead by leaps and bounds, and I do feel like some of the best parts of the game were lost in the shuffle to finish early (the game plot where Sherry gets infected was dropped). I also felt like the development of William Birkin suffered, relegating him to a role as just another monster in the plot.At times, I felt like my head was spinning as I tried to keep up with the race toward the conclusion, which especially sucked because I never felt like this novel dragged. At no point was I drooling onto the page in boredom wondering when something engaging would occur.This is still an excellent book, and I'd recommend it to most people.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-02-21 07:05

    I read the first two adaptations of the Resident Evil video games so long ago that I can barely remember if I enjoyed them as adaptations or not. I was a big fan of Caliban Cove, the first original story S. D. Perry wrote for the series, so reading City of the Dead (an adaptation of Resident Evil 2) was almost like a new experience for me.I was very surprised by how well Perry juggled the large cast. Both Leon and Claire get lots of focus, but there are quite a few points in the story when the narration shifts to Ada Wong, Sherry or Annette Birkin, or even Brian Irons that lets you get inside their heads as well as the main characters. Each character feels unique in their storytelling, and it's a credit to Perry how well she handles this. She has done this before in previous novels, but flicking between STARS members doesn't really change the outlook as much as going from a rookie cop to a 12 year old girl, for example.The storyline follows an amalgamation of all four scenarios in Resident Evil 2 to form one full story that does the game justice whilst being good fun to read without sounding like a walkthrough book. I'm looking forward to Nemesis and Code Veronica, but in the meantime, onto Underworld!Oh, one thing to note: Because these novels were written at a certain time, some things don't quite fit with the storyline of the video games, such as the fate of Ada Wong, or what happens to Sherry in the Epilogue, which, if you ask me, just makes it more fun to see what happens, rather than knowing in advance.

  • Biondy
    2019-02-17 11:11

    Title: Resident Evil: City of the DeadAuthor: S.D. PerryPublisher: Titan BooksNum. of Pages: 336 pagesPublished: September 2012 (first published 1999)Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on a new assignment, and Claire Redfield, sister of the still-missing S.T.A.R.S. member Chris, arrive at Raccoon City to discover a necropolis. A botched attempt by the Umbrella Corporation to retrieve a devastating mutagenic weapon has resulted in a horrifying viral outbreak, transforming the city's population into the living dead. And all of them are hungry.Review I moved to this one after reading The Umbrella Conspiracy. Yeah, I skipped the "Caliban Cove" because I was so eager to read RE2's novelization.I think this book was even more gripping than "The Umbrella Conspiracy". The action was more intense and fun to read. The (disfunctional) romance between Leon and Ada was a joy to go through as well. I also liked that Claire got many chances to kick ass here.Overall, it was a great read and now I'm wanting to read the whole book in this series. I wish Capcom would continue the novelization with RE 4, 5, and 6. This book is for reading challenge:-2013 Books in English Reading Challenge

  • RudyGuglielmi
    2019-03-18 09:17

    Dopo esser stati messi a dura prova nella tenuta Spencer, trasformata in laboratorio di ricerca genetica della Umbrella Corporation, i sopravvissuti della Squadra di Recupero e Tattiche Speciali (S.T.A.R.S.) di Raccoon City tentano di avvertire l'umanità dell'esistenza di una cospirazione finalizzata alla creazione di terrificanti armi biologiche. Ma la congiura è ancora in atto, come hanno modo di scoprire gli agenti quando vengono dichiarati fuorilegge dalle stesse persone che li hanno addestrati. Costretti alla clandestinità, decidono di portare avanti la battaglia per conto proprio, determinati a scovare gli esperimenti della Umbrella ovunque si nascondano.Il medico e biochimico Rebecca Chambers, unica superstite della Squadra Bravo, si unisce a una nuova forza d'assalto della S.T.A.R.S. nel momento in cui giungono voci di un altro esperimento condotto dalla Umbrella: sotto i crinali rocciosi di Caliban Cove, nel Maine, qualcuno sta mettendo insieme un esercito di non morti. All'interno di un faro spettrale, oltre un complesso labirinto di caverne e dentro al relitto di una nave, gli agenti devono affrontare altri abomini e impedire a un folle scienziato di scatenare la sua arma biologica contro l''umanità intera. Potrebbe però non esserci alcuna possibilità di successo, visto che il nuovo, aggressivo virus creato dalla Umbrella comincia a infettare proprio i suoi compagni...

  • Michael Rocha
    2019-03-05 09:48

    When i first started to read this book, i was very impressed with the way the S.D. Perry had take the video game and turned it into a book. i am a major fan of resident evil since i was little. This book has everything in it; it has twists and turns, horror, suspense, and at some times a little happiness. If anybody has played the second resident evil, then you would know that this book is on pin point accuracy with the game. The game has two discs, one where Leon Kenndy starts his first day as a cop and the other disc is where a girl named Claire Redfield is going in to town to look for her brother Chris. The book starts off as if you were playing as Leon, then switches to Claire. Some where between the third and fourth chapters, Leon and Claire meet each other and help each other through the horde of flesh eating zombies.I cannot stop reading this book! The way Perry wrote is amazing! i have every book except one. i have read all of them countless times, over and over again. I really hope others find his work as fun as I did. This is the third time i have read this book. I keep reading it because it so damn good! I simply love this book! If any one had a choice of buying this awesome book, do it! You won't regret it! Anyways i give this book (along with the other resident evil books) a perfect five out of five.