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The ghosts surrounding Victor Bayne are getting awfully pushy. The medications that Victor usually takes to control his abilities are threatening to destroy his liver, and his new meds aren't any more effective than sugar pills. Roger, his new PsyCop partner, has all the personality of white bread, but at least he's willing to spring for the Starbucks. Explicit gay contentThe ghosts surrounding Victor Bayne are getting awfully pushy. The medications that Victor usually takes to control his abilities are threatening to destroy his liver, and his new meds aren't any more effective than sugar pills. Roger, his new PsyCop partner, has all the personality of white bread, but at least he's willing to spring for the Starbucks. Explicit gay content....

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Criss Cross Reviews

  • Baba
    2019-03-21 19:24

    4 stars.****Review completed January 5, 2014I'm going to make it short and sweet. This installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing. Vic is a little bit grossed out. I looked down at the hook. Maurice had squished a worm onto it. A worm spirit didn't appear and immediately start telling me about the moment of its death, so I presumed I was safe from the spirits of bugs. But then it moved and I realized it was still alive. Gross.And when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off, Vic doesn't feel so peachy anymore. Good ole Vic has quite some hangups and it's tough for him to come out to his former partner. Plus, when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he's definitely close to freaking out. Good thing Jacob can make him feel better later on."Your eyes were half-open, but they were fixed, not moving."Oh. That must've been really attractive. Good thing anything paranormal, ugly or not, makes Jacob horny."Mmm, yeah."Speaking of dirty: Jacob's a talker. And keeping my mouth full of [email protected] has the added bonus of me not having to answer him. Not that the words aren't sexy as hell--I just worry that I'll sound like an idiot if I'm the one saying them."You should've come on me," he said. I don't know how he can look me in the eye and just say that. Even with the drugs, it wasn't anything I could speak out loud. "You'd look hot, really hot."Vic likes to do static-surfing…*pets*Ghosts...I think Vic doesn't even know what a hoot he actually is. Love his endearingly deadpan humor. Oh, and how he's plowing through dead people with his car is just too funny for words! Sheesh, he's driving through them like a knife cuts through a piece of cake. Easy peasy. Well, they are dead, there's no resistance anymore. Vic has more than a couple hangups. I hope he's going to lose his self-conscious attitude. On the other hand, it's more than sexy to have one hot, self-assured stud loosening up a somewhat uptight Vic. Vic's anxiety about basement laundry rooms is kinda endearing and sweet, though. I must say that the villain was pretty easy to figure out in this installment. This being said, it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I met Crash for the first time. He's an irritating ass, albeit a very interesting one and I'd love to see more of him.I was asking my friend WHEN they would do the deed. I know, I know, I was a little bit impatient but my nagging has been rewarded with a hot shower scene. Holy cow. I'm glad they did it under a nice water jet because they could cool off without combusting in the first place. Or else…hmm…I could have hosed them down. That would have been fun, too!Recommended read.

  • Nancy
    2019-02-26 15:09

    Posted at Hearts on Fire Reviews Criss Cross is the second story in the Psy Cop series. Once again, a well-written, fun, fast-paced and suspenseful story told from Victor’s perspective. On a fishing trip with his former partner, Maurice, Vic discovers that his ability to see and communicate with the dead is amplified when he sees dead faces in the water. Meanwhile, his former partner, Lisa, informs Jacob that Vic is in danger, and Vic wants to figure out why he is scratching Jacob. Vic needs answers from Lisa, but she is in a training center in California for psychics and is unreachable. So Vic asks his new partner, Roger, to take him to California. What a ride! This is a very satisfying and engaging story that blends elements of mystery, suspense and romance. The reader is given a little more background about Victor’s past, and it is easy to understand why he behaves the way he does. Jacob is really showing what a sensitive and fiercely protective guy he can be. It is so obvious that he loves Vic and is willing to give him the time he needs to trust in their relationship. The sex scenes are hot, sweet, and emotionally intense.

  • Shurrn
    2019-03-10 18:16

    Poor Vic can't catch a break...Not only had my reality become more Dawn of the Dead than I was accustomed to, but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the world's last brain... When your life revolves around talking to ghosts to solve murders, how can you tell when things are getting out of hand?For Victor, the answer is quite simple: All the ghosts which used to chat him up are becoming a bit grabby... And they're everywhere.The delicate hold Vic had on sanity is slipping...In the previous book of this series, Victor couldn't hardly find two ghosts to rub together to solve a case. In this book, he's having quite the opposite problem... And ya know, a lot more problems on top of that... Because for the first time, Vic has a life outside of work...Victor Bayne“That’s what’s wrong with Psychs,” I said. “The sixth sense doesn’t match up with the other senses, so anything we describe comes out flawed. It’s like trying to describe how purple smells, or what pain sounds like.” The sudden increase in paranormal activity isn't a huge deal at first. Victor is the kinda guy who has no problem taking a side of Auracel with his Auracel in order to make the spirits go away. Unfortunately, Vic has to stay off the pills, Doctor's orders, and doesn't that just put the last nail in this undead coffin?Turns out Vic's liver is none-too-happy about his habit of taking WAY more than the recommended dose of Auracel and now he has to go clean for the foreseeable future.Even Vic's boyfriend is suffering...Jacob MarksI probably should’ve just trusted him. Maybe I did. Maybe it was me that I couldn’t trust. [...] I wondered if I was ever totally present for Jacob, or if he always had to search for the real me between the cracks of all the drugs I took... Sweet, steady, Jacob... I'm beginning to think Jacob is the perfect person for Vic, but I'm not so sure Vic is the best person for Jacob. Vic has been lashing out in his sleep - violently attacking Jacob, but waking with no memory of the event...Jacob's partner Carolyn decides that Victor needs to visit an Empathetic Healer... After all, Vic's problem is a ghost problem, not a drug problem, right? Unfortunately, going to the healer puts Vic face-to-face with an entirely different kind of of specter: Jacob's Ex-Boyfriend (*dramatic music plays*) - Crash, the punked-out no-nonsense healer isa) Kind of an assholeb) Doesn't believe Vic is an actual Mediumc) Vic's only hope if he wants the ghosts to go away without drugsOn top of all that, Vic is trying to wrap his brain around the multitude of changes in his life...New Boyfriend,New Doctor,New Uncool Sobriety,New Partner,New swarming ghost problem...Just another day in the life of a PsyCop...Until Lisa (Vic's former partner) starts calling him from her PsyTraining facility and warning him not to trust anyone. Even Jacob...This installment of the series layered in quite a bit more suspense, which was lovely. I'm also appreciating the dynamic between Vic and Jacob as I see more of their relationship unfolding. I'd definitely like to see more info on Jacob... Maybe some backstory? Hey, I've got the whole series ahead of me, I'm sure I'll get oodles more info on both my guys ;)I'm off to read the next book!READ ALL MY REVIEWS IN THIS SERIES:I'll update the list as additional books are published.0.1 - Inside Out - Read my Review here.1 - Among the Living - Read my Review here.1.1 - Thaw - Read my Review here.2 - Criss Cross - Read my Review here.2.1 - Striking Sparks - Read my Review here.2.2 - Many Happy Returns - Read my Review here.2.3 - Mind Reader - Read my Review here.3 - Body and Soul - Read my Review here.3.1 - The Stroke of Midnight - Read my Review here.4 - Secrets - Read my Review here.5 - Camp Hell - Read my Review here.6 - GhosTV - Read my Review here.6.1 - In the Dark - Read my Review here.7 - Spook Squad - Read my Review here.

  • Lyn
    2019-03-16 14:10

    Well...I'm officially addicted. I'll have to save reading this series during the day because if the other books are like the first two, they are on the creepy side.

  • Ingela
    2019-03-21 14:23

    Written November 29, 20144 Stars - I'm trapped - this was really goodBook #2The first part #1 - Among the Living (3.5 stars) in this crime-paranormal M/M series PsyCop was tempting good. This second part was undoubtedly one notch up on the better and better rise.Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks are for sure two interesting characters. Theire world is kind if weird and their (new) love, and sometimes also work partners, relationship is both intense and shaky. ~ But this whetted the appetite for more creepy murder investigations. Just five more books and a couple of mini shorties to read. ***********************************************************I listened to these first two audiobooks (this second one 4 hrs once again narrated very well by Gomez Pugh) on a vacation trip and finished next to two weeks ago. Undoubtedly is it too late for a proper review now, so short and sweet:I LIKE - Oh yes! A series to "go" for.

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2019-03-14 12:21

    Adult review for erotic content.Question of the Day : What IS PsyCop?*thinking**thinking**thinking**pause thinking to crunch on an old, leftover candy cane**still thinking*You know, it beats me. Is there a category for m/m romance with both a suspense and an urban fantasy bent that features a drug-using psychic who uses his talents to sense ghosties for the police? Is there? I don't know. Talk about a hodgepodge of stuff going on up in this place. I liked Criss Cross better than the first book short novella. The previous installment in the series did have a very hot smut scene up against a glass window, but this time around the author managed to get right to the good stuff without making me sit through a lot of character background and police procedure. Given that it had been a while since I'd read number 1, I didn't feel lost, which was a nice surprise. Remember earlier in the week when I read that scary pirate-rape story and complained that nothing really happened other than a lot of scary pirate-rape? I am happy to report that there are authors out there who know how to pack in a story which has a little bit of everything into a small amount of space.There Was :ChemistryActionMysteryPsychic Crime FightingSmut...and humor! I loved Vic's musings! This is a shorter story, so there's not much else to add to the review without making it as long as the story itself. I'll leave you with this scene which made me smile :She slipped a pamphlet into my hands. On the cover was a triangle with a rainbow inside and I nearly spewed the bagel the nurse had given me. How'd she know I was gay? It was the blowjob. They'd found traces of semen in my mouth. Oh god, I was so fired. And then I'd lose my health coverage, and then my liver would explode."In addition to changing the meds, you'll have to start watching your diet," she said.I stared at her."The USDA modified the food pyramid to reflect their most recent guidelines," she said, as I scrambled to figure out what my diet had to do with being queer. Chance pointed at the pamphlet. "You'll note there's no donut group. And no coffee group either. Limit coffee to one cup a day. Two, at the most."I looked down at the pamphlet and read the title. My Pyramid Plan : A Guide to Healthy Eating.

  • Susan
    2019-03-10 12:04

    3.5 starsWell…book 2, “Criss Cross” was a weaker follow up. It just didn’t quite live up to the intro that was “Among the Living”.It was twice as funny. It was half as smart.There were times, from early on, that I wanted to grab Vic and say, “duh…you DO know what’s going on here, right?” And for 3/4 of the book, Vic’s actions would reply “I have no idea”. Ugh…I can’t adore you if you’re going to be this thick, Vic. Add the new characters all kinda annoyed me…and yes, that includes Crash. I wasn’t feeling this one as much as I was feeling book 1. And what’s up with Maurice just popping in and out of scenes randomly? Is the guy retired or not? Thankfully, Vic’s inner-monologue did manage to have me chortling out loud many a time. Jacob woke up a little and there were a couple pretty smoking smut scenes (my favorite being some very hot shower sex at the end) that smoothed over my irritations a bit. But, all in all, book 2 brought me down from my high…just a little.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-03-25 14:14

    **4.5 stars**Okay, it's official: I love this series! This review will be short and sweet because I'm on my phone but I adored "Criss Cross". My only issue with it is that it is too darn short! I loved the relationship between Vic and Jacob, and I am dying to see how things progress with them. I like that this book isn't a sappy romance. It mixes things up for me. Can't wait for the next in the series!

  • Shile loves books
    2019-03-07 13:18

    I love Vic and Jacob.. i did enjoy reading this. and the shower scene was hot * fans-self*

  • Laura
    2019-03-16 18:57

    Criss Cross, book two in Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop series, kicked off with such promise. Huge creeps in the opening pages! Something special about a river full of….*cough* Never mind. Not telling. :) But overall the story fell flat for me.We meet up with Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks where book one left off. Life filled with parking problems, crime, coffee, cuddles, and ghosts. Except Victor’s abilities have kicked it up a notch and gone haywire. ”Not only had my reality become more Dawn of the Dead than I was accustomed to, but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the world’s last brain.”Hehe…Cadavers. Love that word! The spirits were no longer just floating by or haunting the corners of Vic’s world, but grabbing for him. Reaching. Touching. Wanting more from him. Meanwhile, Victor is hit with danger, warnings, and stress from all sides: a new partner at work, health scares, lack of good drugs, and maybe danger at home with Jacob. Can Victor and Jacob survive another round of paranormal trouble?Oh, Jacob! I don’t know how you put up with Vic in this one. His “nonexistent interpersonal skills” drove me nuts here! Talk to each other! The avoiding-the-big-talks skills are amazing between these two. Vic puts me to shame! He hides himself away so completely—even from himself. For instance, I’m not sure he realized how much he enjoyed working with Maurice, his old partner, until he was gone. Vic, Vic, Vic! He simultaneously breaks my heart and drives me to drink! Haha…Such an addictive character! The line between sad and sweet or alive and dead blurs and runs all over the place with him. A hard heart and head to crack. So yeah, safe to say—I’m in love. And Vic and Jacob may not talk about their relationship or feelings, but their energy on the page fueled this fire for me! From cute and domestic to hot and dirty, Vic and Jacob’s chemistry charmed, captivated, and carried me through this story. One of my favorite moments was when Vic introduced Jacob to his new partner at work. Haha…. The grin and glow that hit Jacob after made me giggle. So cute! They fit so perfectly together. I love every minute they share on the page. (view spoiler)[”When I stared into his eyes, I felt the L-word threatening to come out, but it was too soon, way too soon. I pressed my mouth against his to stop myself from saying anything stupid…” (hide spoiler)]Okay so right about now you are probably asking—so what’s the problem then? For me, the creepy components were all here, but they never added up to a big creepy ta-da. The points were never cashed in. We saw ghosts with knives sticking out of their chests, “touchy-feely” dead, and bushels of heads! But I never felt the shivers in the end. The Criss Cross killer remained more of a name on the page than an actual spooky threat and one mystery ingredient was glaringly obvious. (view spoiler)[ Hello! Crazy Coffee Guy!(hide spoiler)] I had fun with a few other developments and a new character, but I just didn’t feel the mystery magic in this one. On to the next book though….I need more Vic and Jacob ASAP!

  • Deeze
    2019-03-22 14:03

    Again re reading this series is as enjoyable as the first time. Knowing who the bad guys are is just as frustrating as not knowing lol.I really love the paranormal aspect of this series. But it’s the chemistry between Jacob and Vic that really makes me happy.Jacob is such a great character. To others he is a strong no nonsense cop, but with Vic we see his more vulnerable side. Victor is still as jumbled as ever. His thoughts are crazy at times but I love him, insecurities and bad humour and all.I even have no complaints about the two females that play strong roles in this lol.A real lose your self and get pulled into the story kind of read. ETAReally enjoying my re reading. Vic and Jacob are just great together.

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-03-12 18:13

    There's a new drug on the streets. Goes by the name PsyCop. I am one of it's victims...

  • Tina
    2019-03-02 11:57

    I enjoyed reading more about Vic and Jacob and their uncommon relationship. Jacob is so sweet and understanding of Vic's ability. It has to be hard on him to love someone who is seeing dead people. *shudders*Due to the events in the first book Jacob is homeless and staying with Vic. The transition is not easy on Vic, and typical to his personality he internally worries and questions everything. Vic finds himself surrounded by ghosts that are being way to pushy. His usual meds are killing his liver, and the new pills he gets aren't any more effective than sugar pills. .Crash, an empathic healer - Woohoo! I love that guy! - might be able to help get Vic's powers under control. It turns out he's Jacob's ex, and wouldn't mind getting in Vic's pants...I loved reading Criss Cross. It's a great mix of suspense, fast paced action, dry humor and romance. From beginning to end the pace is quick and the writing style entertaining. Highly recommended! :)

  • Gigi
    2019-02-26 17:07

    Oh, fuck yeah! On to the next one!

  • Ann
    2019-03-03 18:19

    I didn't completely get the conflict in this one until about half way through. Funny thing is, I didn't really notice or care. Part of it is the fact that Victor is just walking/talking conflict and the other part is he amuses me so much, his daily life was story enough.I still want to get to know more about Jacob, I do love the fact that he is a total Psych fanboy and is so obviously smitten with Victor. Victor certainly needs it. I'm getting a better handle on why Victor is such a lost boy and I like that I'm getting a little bit more with each story and his story is evolving to me instead of just a laundry list of sad that has been his life. While I didn't get the mystery on this one as much as the first I did get good insight on Victor's struggles with daily life. The drugs he has to take, how they effect his moods and relationships, why he is constantly second guessing his feelings, all of that made more sense after this book. Parts of it made me so sad for him. He thought, "I wondered if I was ever totally present for Jacob, or if he always had to search for the real me between the crack of all the drugs I took." Damn, that's just sad right there. He also described his talent and it's relation with the rest of the world when he said "That's what's wrong with Psychs. The sixth sense doesn't match up with the other senses, so anything we describe comes out flawed. It's like trying to describe how purple smells, or what pain sounds like." Well, no wonder he's confused and has trouble connecting with the Stiffs of the world.Off to Book 3 . . . .And of course I found the whole set (including all the shorts to date) can be downloaded as a bundle from the authors website. So, yeah, did that.

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2019-02-24 15:57

    3.5 StarsThe fun times continue for Victor Bayne, the psycop extraordinaire who can see dead people. This time around his ability is a bit off the chain - the ghosts are actually seeking him out, being more aggressive. To make matters worse he has some health problems and discovers his life is in jeopardy - perhaps by those closest to him.So yes, I just basically rephrased the blurb :)If you want a further exploration of the world building, as well as another peak at Victor and his boyfriend, then start reading! As with the first installment, Victor has a unique voice - a little less on the confident and suave - which makes him that much more endearing and relatable. I also loved Jacob - is he too perfect? Maybe. But you can't say that that isn't appealing. This was great entertainment and the hotness factor does not disappoint! That last scene?? *fans self*

  • Heather C
    2019-03-12 14:23

    1st Read November 2010This is the 2nd book in the PsyCop series. Vic is back and his 6th sense is all out of wack. I think the storyline is much more interesting than in the 1st book. It flowed a lot better and I really started worrying about what was really going on with Vic. I did have my suspicions early on, but still couldn't put everything together until the end. Nice mystery. Still, loving this series. 2nd Read May 2013I love these guys even more!! Think I'm enjoying these more with the reread!

  • Isabel
    2019-03-12 15:02

    I'm hooked to Vic and Jacob! That's a fact! More, I want more! These books are so short!

  • Natalia
    2019-02-26 17:21

    RR February 2018___________Re-read July 2016

  • ❀~Amy~❀
    2019-03-23 12:22

    Just loved this! I hate that I waited so long to read it!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Every bit as good the second time around! =)

  • Maya
    2019-03-17 16:09

    3.5 starsThe mystery was a bit weak but the romance was pretty awesome.I'm so hooked. Reading on.

  • Ula'ndi Hart
    2019-02-26 12:14

    Overall book rating: 4Audio Book: N/ABook Cover: 3 Yes. It’s working for me. I’m entertained. On to the next one then!

  • Shelley
    2019-03-06 15:04

    Yup! It's official. I am hooked!Victor finds himself having to cope when his talent inexplicably goes into overdrive and there are dead people everywhere."Not only had my reality become more Dawn Of The Dead than I was accustomed to, but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the worlds last brain"Poor Victor. I appreciate how this author gives us an undisguised look at what it's like to be Victor, living with these demanding ever present ghosts and memories from Camp Hell. It's all quite terrifying and yet she manages to balance it all with his dry wit and humour.He's also still wrestling with his own self esteem; deeming himself too messed up to keep a man like Jacob around. He maddeningly misses all the clues to this mystery, even though it'sright under his nose! He could smell it! Literally! Now I refuse to believe my Victor to be that thick, so I'm blaming it on the drugs. Yes, it's all because of the anti-psych drugs. We are moving forward now, ya hear me Victor Bayne - so no more silly buggers.I love Victor, he cracks me up when he probably shouldn't, he says the wrong things, does the wrong things, he's hopelessly flawed but I just can't help myself. I love him for his loyalty, and his effortless unwitting charm. He is hilarious and sexy and I love him <--- Did I say that already?Jacob is just a great big manly hunky studly lickable stud. Ung, that man is hot! (view spoiler)[ Shower scene! "You like playing with my ass, [...] Mm hm [...] Take it, then. Phew! Fire for my loins, indeed! (hide spoiler)]You know what I love about these two? They are both loyal and loving and not scared to show it. Even Vic is getting used to the public displays of affection and admitting he has a boyfriend (so sweet). It's refreshing but I also feel like I'm walking the tight rope ... what next? Is this too good to be true?Enter Crash; a blast from Jacob's past and a future player (I'm guessing). He makes my skin prickle with what could be hives. *shudders* I don't trust him and that's all I've got to say about him.Like I said, I'm loving this series. Give me more please. Thank Jupiter that there is more!Now onto Body and Soul. I'm super excited!

  • damnit, liz
    2019-03-03 16:21

    Officially hooked on this series. This book creeped me out more than the last, and I thoroughly enjoyed that about it. The psychic stuff is so well done. We see more of Vic and Jacob's relationship, this time beginning with the two in a domestic living situation that neither are outright acknowledging for what it is. Like the first book, this is funny, smart, sexy, and impossible to put down.

  • Vanessa North
    2019-02-24 18:21

    I never properly reviewed this when I read it a few months ago, but I just finished listening to both this and Among the Living in audio, and i have to say, so far they are my favorite audiobooks ever. Seriously, the perfect narrator paired with an already great book is such a fantastic combination.Loved.

  • Jordan Price
    2019-03-25 13:27

    Writing tidbit: a whole lot happened in this novella! Sometimes when I'm working on the series and I wonder when something happened, it's usually Criss Cross. I have no idea how I packed all that story into that word count.

  • Sofia
    2019-02-23 17:09

    Like.....Want to read more..........What's the story about Jacob and Crash?

  • Trio
    2019-03-05 16:25

    This series is amazing... love it! Such great characters and a fantastic mystery - beautifully written. Also, I'm doing the narrated version and Gomez Pugh is absolutely fantastic.

  • Sophie
    2019-03-14 13:58

    I'm sorry, but while I quite enjoyed the first book of this series, it became quite apparent that what I thought were minor beginner's quirks that I could overlook really weren't. First, I could not believe that Victor is supposed to be in his mid-to-late-30s. He sounds like a really emo 20-year-old at best. Second, the sex scenes are not very sexy at all. Third, there are some sentences so mindboggingly, ridiculously stupid that at some point I couldn't take it anymore. "Did straight guys eat salads?" being one great example.) I mostly skimmed the latter half, if only because I read that there was a story written from Jacob's POV set after this one, and I kind of was curious enough to read that, but after reading some of the reviews I won't do that.See, my two main issues are this: Jacob is WAY too perfect (completely in love with Victor for no fathomable reason, great in bed, eternally patient and of course also really well hung) and Victor is WAY too imperfect. In fact, I have no idea what Victor brings to their relationship apart from being psychic (which is something Jacob is apparently into? Yeah, that's not creepy at all.) and a complete mess. I mean, I do get that the reader is supposed to identify with Victor, because after all, aren't we all messes who can't believe anyone would love them but wish for a perfect guy like Jacob to appear who loves us and takes care of us? Maybe that's a little too extreme, but it's vicarious wish-fulfillment at it's best, and while there is nothing wrong with it as such, it's really not well done in this case.Oh, and one other thing: while I don't have any problem at all with a character... ascertening his sexuality, there's such a thing as too much, and Victor's constant musings about how gay this is and how gay that is was just annoying, because it just felt ridiculous rather than an honest questioning of self.Of course, the question remains: why I am doing this to myself? I usually end up reading m/m romance when I don't have enough unread fanfic of my favorite slash pairing left to read. So far, there've been more examples of disappointing m/m than of satisfying m/m. But I just don't want to believe that it's all crap (and considering the satisfying examples I KNOW it isn't), and also I do like romance stories. My problem is that both m/f and f/f tend to not appeal to me because I don't like most of the female characters. And Xena fanfic is not well-written enough (then of course, neither is most of this m/m crap). Sigh.

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2019-02-26 17:22

    OMG. I am so hooked on this series. I don't know why the fuck it took me so long to read these when everyone was going "you have to read this!", but sometimes I can be an idiot.I love how the characters and their talents grow as we go further into this series. And Vic and Jacob are just awesome. I do want to do some horrible horrible things to that rat bastard, though. God. And how he did it? Grrrr...I so thoroughly recommend this series. it is a lot of fun, and the world building is just great.4.5 stars