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David’s a graduate student about to finish his thesis. Michael’s his advisor and former instructor. The two shouldn’t have feelings for each other, but after two years of friendship and longing, David can no longer deny what he’s feeling. Is Michael ready to accept being more than a teacher to a man fifteen years younger? And if they give into their desires, is it only a wDavid’s a graduate student about to finish his thesis. Michael’s his advisor and former instructor. The two shouldn’t have feelings for each other, but after two years of friendship and longing, David can no longer deny what he’s feeling. Is Michael ready to accept being more than a teacher to a man fifteen years younger? And if they give into their desires, is it only a way for them to say goodbye?...

Title : a lesson in truth
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a lesson in truth Reviews

  • Bev
    2019-02-17 14:51

    Sloan Parker freebie from ARe. This is the story of David, a student, and Michael, his instructor. David has been in love with Michael for the two years that he's been studying, and is under the impression that Michael no longer even wants to be friends with him as he is arranging for another instructor/tutor to take over David's thesis...but he couldn't be further from the truth!! Recommended.

  • Macky
    2019-02-07 14:40

    3.5* Enjoyable free short. Sexy and romantic this is a sweet read with some hot loving, a misunderstanding and a sigh worthy HEA all wrapped up in a bite size package that fills a corner very nicely.And its from Sloan Parker. Nuff said.

  • CrabbyPatty
    2019-02-07 13:37

    Sloan Parker - wow. Love how she can encapsulate a complete story in just a few pages and make us feel that we understand the characters, their feelings, their love. Plus hot sex on a professor's desk ... 4 stars.

  • Kaseka
    2019-01-28 14:24

    Not nearly as good as Parker's More Than Just A Good Book, which I loved.The Plot: "A Lesson In Truth" is a first-time sex scene between an advisor and the advisee he informs he has voluntarily transferred to another advisor. The advisee, who has a huge crush on his advisor and thought it was mutual, is devastated. Then...the two have sex, which the advisee assumes is break-up sex for the relationship they didn't officially have. But his advisor clears everything up, proposes to him, and all is well.The Reason for my Rating: The story could've had more build-up to the sex; the advisor's proposal at the end seemed to come from nowhere, as despite their closeness, he and the student hadn't actually dated before this scene; and the main character's perpetual confusion when it was clear to me that his advisor wasn't breaking up with him, merely transferring him to avoid ethical conflict between them and the school, was really frustrating. I feel like the premise for this story was a cliched plot device meant to yank the reader's heartstrings even through the sex, then fix it with a proposal and the revelation that all was a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, as it was clear to me from the beginning that all was a misunderstanding, the story couldn't work for me the way it should.My Conclusion: The writing itself was fine, but because of the above issues, I couldn't enjoy this story. I'll still try more by Parker, though. Despite the problems with this story's premise, her writing mechanics and style are good, and I'm curious about what she can do with a story that plays to her writing strengths.

  • Katherine
    2019-02-10 17:37

    Sloan Parker does it again!A short story full with love, fun, companionship & hot sex.David and Michael have a unique relationship as professor and student.David is a graduated working in his thesis, and have Michael as his advisor.Knowing each other for two years, one night their friendship is put to risk with a single kiss.Michael decides that he cannot help David with his thesis anymore, and pass him to other professor.When David thought that everything was lost, Michael surprised him again. (And me)That's such a sweet short-history.Also is a freebie from Sloan's Parker site ;)

  • Sloan Parker
    2019-02-09 18:36

    A free one-scene short available on my website.David’s a graduate student about to finish his thesis. Michael’s his advisor and former instructor. The two shouldn’t have feelings for each other, but after two years of friendship and longing, David can no longer deny what he’s feeling. Is Michael ready to accept being more than a teacher to a man fifteen years younger? And if they give into their desires, is it only a way for them to say goodbye?

  • Serena Yates
    2019-01-26 10:29

    This is a sweet, very passionate piece about a longing for love finally fulfilled. Even though it is more of a long scene, the characters and their emotions pulled me in from the start, and it was quite clear who they are and how much they mean to each other.The threat of losing everything loomed large for David, who immediately assumes the worst when Michael, his student adviser, passes his thesis to another professor. Even though they never had a relationship, due to their status as student and adviser, the friendship they have built always felt like more to David.Michael is doing the right thing, the only thing he can ethically do, by handing over the professional part of their relationship, David's thesis, to someone else. While he is older, and waited long enough to be sure about his love for David, he is no less passionate when they finally do come together. He's just been hiding it better. If you like short, hot reads, give this one a try. It's free and a god sample of Sloan's writing style.

  • Ami
    2019-02-09 15:42

    This is the second FREE short story from Sloan Parker that I read, after More Than Just a Good Book .... She does have one released novel, but it's an MMM and I a bit leary to try books that state upfront that it will be an MMM. Well, back to this one, I think it's a lovely and sweet short story. While myself, as a reader, already know the real reason why Michael tells David that he does not want to be his advisor anymore -- but since the story is written from David's point of view (using 1st person narrative), I can still enjoy his misunderstanding and feel the sympathy for him. Because I know how much David loves Michael and that it breaks his heart when he thinks Michael is cutting off ties after they shared a kiss ... the ending might feel like it comes out of nowhere, but not really a big niggle for me.

  • Donna
    2019-02-08 10:50

    Sometimes it is like men speak a different language when they are talking to each other! Communication should be taught in school... *grin*

  • Christy
    2019-02-03 13:31

    A very sweet, sexy, read that was far too short. I would have loved learning a little more about David and Michael, but in the end, nothing mattered but what they learned.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-02-21 18:24

    This author is new to me and this is the only second book I have read...More being the 1st.I liked the story despite it being a bit far-fetched, of Michael, the professor and older man and David, his much younger student. It was rather sweet and cute with a hot sex scene. I would have liked for it to be a bit longer...I finished the 10 pages in something like 15 flashed before my eyes..and then...THE END. David seemed very young and somehow a bit immature to me....all that about crossed communication!!!The ending was like.....okay, let's get married.....what...after first time lovemaking....oh...maybe they know each other...or's fantasy and these things HAPPEN!!!! I do like the writing style and I definitely want to read more of her books. In fact I am about to start on Breathe, which I believe is amazing.

  • Lolita
    2019-02-09 16:45

    I love this story more than "swept away" and "the break in."it is a sexy relationship between a student and a teacher. the character of the professor is well painted, actually great painted..and the love story is great, and it really moved me.. "And because I’m just a college kid he has a hard-on for. Nothing special. Nothing to take a chance on" i loved these sentence very much.."Even if I was done taking his classes, I was still a student in his department."which David said .. they remind us all the time about the difference between them.

  • Marissa
    2019-02-18 15:34

    2.5-3.0 starsVery, very, very short, but ended kinda sweet. Though, it could have used a bit more backstory to their relationship and the sudden 180 it seemed to take from the first page. (view spoiler)[They go from having a working relationship with an apparent good friendship that's gone on for a year+, to first sex in the classroom, supposedly thought be as a final goodbye, and then a proposal and commitment to spend their lives together when I don't think they've even dated. (hide spoiler)]

  • Matthew
    2019-02-19 14:27

    A nice sex scene... but I think the continual doubting by David was overwrought and poorly handled.The plot part of the story was not believable, which makes the sex less enjoyable, even in a short story that is mainly about sex. The characters... are interesting, but not quite realistic because they're too... extreme in their emotions.

  • Bookbee
    2019-02-19 14:37

    3.5 STARS rounded up to 4 because I like Sloan Parker's work so much! In this instance the story would have benefitted from a few more pages. The 'finale' sort of just popped out there much too suddenly not allowing me to glory in the HEA.

  • Tabatha
    2019-01-24 10:43

    I really enjoyed this short story, and I think there is something to be said for not over complicating things. It had plenty of emotion going on, and it was just an overall sweet story. :) It definitely left me wanting more with these two, but I'm very happy with the way it was written.

  • Shelley Chastagner
    2019-01-28 16:36

    This was a very short story with about 16 pages. The author does a great job of really conveying the emotions of the characters. I liked that they had been building their relationship for the last two years. Sweet ending.Adult read

  • Erica Pike
    2019-01-28 14:34

    3.5 - The ending felt a little strange and unrealistic to me.

  • Marie Wolf
    2019-02-10 13:30

    Wow! How can anyone write short stories that powerful? Seriously?

  • Meggie
    2019-02-17 17:49

    This short story is really interesting glimpse into story which could be more developed. It was enjoyable.

  • Kat
    2019-02-09 12:23

    This is such a romantic and sweet story, I really liked it....and I do want to have some Cap’n Crunch now!!!! :)

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-01-23 10:35

    3.5*Sweet short that is free on the authors website.

  • Magen
    2019-01-27 13:43

    Wish it was a whole book! Loved it.

  • Simone
    2019-02-19 12:24

    3.75 stars

  • Lena Grey
    2019-02-13 16:51

    Haven't you ever wanted something so badly that it hurts, that the thought of having and losing it fills you with dread? This is how David strikes me in 'A Lesson Learned' by Sloan Parker. After months of being friends with Michael, he can't help dreaming of more. Encouraged by a kiss, David begins to believe that Michael wants the same thing, but because of a few ill chosen words my Michael: “I can't do this anymore.” which poor David totally misinterprets as the end of their relationship, he's crestfallen. His heart aches; he's numb, unable to think rationally. His dream was so close and now seems to be slipping away. The rejection he feels intensifies as Michael goes on to tell him he's not going to be his advisor anymore. David is more convinced that Michael is through with him.Even feeling this way, when Michael wants him, David, having wanted this for so long, can't resist him despite still misunderstanding the situation. Thinking it's good-bye sex, he surrenders to his desires, at least knowing that he will have this memory. Their lovemaking is glorious, passionate, and emotional, even more intense than either of them thought it would be. When Michael realizes that David's thinking and his are going in different directions, he scrambles to clear things up. He gathers the broken pieces of David's heart and seals them back together with love and an offer David is unable to refuse.I loved this story. It's beautiful, romantic, and full of angst, which Sloan Parker is very good at providing. There are lesson here as well. Don't be too quick to assume things and never underestimate the power of love. Thanks, Sloan, for this short, but amazingly powerful story.

  • Nikko Lee
    2019-02-11 15:36

    Why I read this book:Recently, I've ventured into the realm of M/M (male/male) fiction. I've been familiar with yaoi mangas, but it wasn't until J R Ward introduced me to a few compelling M/M relationships that I thought about trying to write one myself. I read a free copy of A Lesson in Truth by Sloan Parker for research and interest.My one sentence summary:Fearing the worst, a graduate student gets the best news possible when his adviser tells him that he will no longer be his adviser.Kudos:This is a fantasy. It's sexy and sweet. There is something compelling about the older man/younger man love story. Parker gets right to the point with the characters and the situation. Parker presents an intriguing mix of vulnerability and desire.Quibbles:This is a fantasy. The situation is highly unrealistic and borders on unethical. Even though I have known situations where students and profs have gotten together, the relationship still bears some taboo-ness. Don't look for depths in this short story.Final verdict:I enjoyed this story. It reminded me of why romances are better with happy endings.

  • Sandra
    2019-01-27 10:29

    I enjoyed this, it's a short about a graduate student and his adviser who have become good friends and want to be more but have held back as of yet. The only thing that was a little weird, was that David (who's POV the story is from) only says about two things until the very end of the story. I'm on the fence as to whether I like that or not, since it definitely contributes to the feel of the story. Since he thinks the prof is ';breaking up' with him, it gives the story a resigned and passive feel, but that works to a certain extent even if it decreases the smexiness. But anyway it had a sweet ending (view spoiler)[although the proposal was a little overkill, but I guess that makes it less likely he will be fired (hide spoiler)] and I <3 free stuff!FREE here

  • Mel
    2019-01-30 18:27

    Short story about a young student and his love for his advisor, 15 years his senior. Short freebies are an excellent way to get to taste the author's writing, and I can say: I liked her prose. Didn't really like the premise of the story or the ending though. The Big Misunderstanding angle only works when it isn't obvious. Now it just served to make the main character seem dim and immature. His inner musings during sex (of all times!), rivaled that of an obsessed 14 year old on a sugar rush. And the event at the end had me roll my eyes. Really? Not only overly sappy but also completely illogical (view spoiler)[Tip: maybe date a while before getting married? (hide spoiler)]. All in all, an okay short that has me slightly curious to read Parker's other work, but also hoping it'll be much better. 2,5 stars

  • Pam Kay
    2019-02-17 10:28

    What a lesson that was, too. David, a college student, and Michael, his advisor, had been talking to one another for over a year, but never showed their true feelings towards another. They had one powerful kiss the night before until Michael had David in his office the next day telling him he was giving him to another advisor. David thought he was breaking up with him, but boy was he wrong. Michael turned the tables and really showed him how he felt. Fireworks went off. This short story was Hot and emotional with a beautiful ending. Totally unexpected and a great, short read. Loved it. Just what I needed last night. If you need a little jump start in MM Romance and a great taste, this is a must. Enjoy.

  • Robben Wainer
    2019-02-04 14:25

    Loveliness in a profound way may very well mean being in love with a partners genitals.I feel the reason we need to explain that we explore areas of hidden and secret darkness, must come less from the flirtation, then from foreplay. I remember the first time I was seen with my arms folded in a man's chest, I was liberated like a dove and not chastised for being a boy who opens his legs to be comed on. As age is perhaps the angelic muse of homesexual discourse, The paradigm of my love's awakening surprises did arouse me to want to be penetrated first and then accepted by him. I thank you Heir Parker for goodreads that can read truth in the core of how imagination stirs us in the moment of passion.